Core Values & Functions

Core Values

The core values of the Ministry of Justice are:

  • Integrity: Working in an honest manner, with sincerity and worthy of trust.
  • Accountability: We have clear, reasonable expectations for performance and are accountable for meeting those expectations.
  • Innovative: We embrace new and better ways of achieving excellence.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively to achieve the Ministry’s goals in an environment that reflects diversity, values different perspectives, and encourages the free exchange of ideas.
  • Growth: We seek and take advantage of opportunities to develop our skills and abilities and for career growth and change.
  • Welfare: Treating each other fairly and respectfully. While working in a healthy environment that supports each other in maintaining work-life balance and developing the resilience to deal with change.
  • Engagement: We participate fully in life at the Ministry. We seek to understand how and why decisions are made. We seek input from all levels of the Ministry and take advantage of opportunities for input into decisions that affect us.

Core Functions

The core Functions of the Ministry of Justice are:

  • Promote rule of law and ensure compliance with and respect of rule of law
  • Administration of the Criminal Justice system
  • Legal counsel of the government
  • Provision of free legal assistance
  • Provision of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including traditional norms and conflict resolutions in the communities
  • Provision of licenses to legal profession including loyal, public notary, law firms etc.
  • Ensuring justice for the vulnerable groups including children and women
  • Patrol of the prisons and correction centers in Somaliland to ensure that convicted people get their rights while in prisons or correction centers.
  • Supervision and mentoring of the jails on how to deal with the prison inmates.
  • Promotion of judicial affairs and legal awareness including Public notaries etc.
  • Initiate policy measures for law reforms and lead in law review and reforms
  • Oversight and monitor justice for the implementation of laws
  • Administers the court system and has the authority to hire court personnel, allocate funds, and train, discipline or dismiss judicial officers.