Department of Communication & Public Relations

The following are the functions of the Department of Communication & Public Relations

  • Responsible for communication between the ministry and the media,Social media and website management
  • Delivering the ministry’s activities to the public, International and internal media monitoring news from the ministry and the judiciary
  • Documentation and dissemination of awareness or ministry messages.
  • Responsible for the relationship between government and international institutions
  • Providing information and documents to the public and media on the Ministry activities.
  • Making transparent the works and activities of the Ministry both to the public as well as local and international institutions
  • Collecting, processing and publishing information on works and activities of the Ministry
  • Supervising and maintaining official webpage of the ministry
  • Preparing materials and brochures for publication and distribution to inform the public on the activity of the Ministry
  • Participating in direct meetings of the Minister and high delegations within and outside the country in order to provide accurate information to the public
  • Drafting the communication strategy annually based on the Ministry work plan
  • Cooperating with the media in organizing press conferences and interviews as well as providing information and drafts summaries out of media presentation
  • Issuing statements, announcements, reports and other publications to public opinion.
  • Responsible for the formulation of the unit’s risk management framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring
  • Maintenance of the all computers, internets and making databases of the ministry.
  • Preparing of all materials of ICT of the ministry
  • Keep the ministry accessible to the internet, fixing problems with computers and printers facing the data bases that the ministry needs
  • Identify the ICT needs of the office of the ministry departments in consultation with other staff, communicating with users to formulate and produce a requirements specification to create system and software solutions.
  • Develop and manage a database covering overall business operations and activities of the assigned institutions.
  • Ensuring that Ministry systems are compatible with and other civil service IT applications
  • Create, maintain and manage technical quality assurance processes and procedures to assess efficiency, validity, value and functional performance of computer systems and environments
  • Ensuring adherence to accredited internal and external industry quality standards and regulations
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of ICT systems. Tasks will include: Analysing information needs and specifying technology to meet those needs; Formulating and directing information and communication technology strategies, policies and plans; Directing the selection and installation of ICT resources and the provision of user training;

The department is divided into three sections

Media Section.

Public Relations Section.

IT Section.

Eng Abdisalaam Bashe Ali

Director of Communication and Public Relations