The Ministry of Justice is mandated to promote and ensure compliance with and respect of rule of law in Republic of Somaliland including: –

  • Enforcement of the laws of Somaliland including the investigation of all criminal activities and the apprehension of all criminals involved in, attempting to engage in or anticipating indulging in such activities.
  • Prosecution of all violators of the laws of Somaliland and to institute all other legal proceedings for the enforcement of the law
  • Prosecution and defense of all suits and proceedings, civil and criminal, in which the Republic of Somaliland or any officer thereof is a party or in which the Republic or its officer may have an interest in his or her official capacity
  • Oversee the administration of the Aliens and Nationality Laws of Somaliland, especially as they relate to the admission, residency, deportation, and naturalization of aliens, as well as regulate the conduct of aliens residing in Somaliland
  • Provide opinions on legal matters for the Ministry’s attention and give services to the President of Somaliland and to all other government agencies requiring the legal skills of the Ministry
  • Provide legal assistance on behalf of the Somaliland Government, involving all legal questions arising out of Commercial Transactions in which the Republic of Somaliland is a party, including providing legal advice in negotiations of concession agreements.
  • Oversee the codification of the statutory laws of Liberia and edit and superintend the publication of the Opinions of the Supreme Court of Somaliland.
  • Supervision of the nation’s correctional system and the commitment and treatment of prisoners charged with criminal offenses, suspected of the commission of crimes, or convicted of the commission of crimes by the courts of Somaliland
Justice Ministry Building